Thursday, June 2, 2011

There was tea and stuff

I'm sure I tried something new, but I honestly can't remember.  And that's the beauty of this blog, it's entire point is to keep track of tea that I drink, and yet I still just say "fuck it" to myself every couple of weeks and completely give up keeping track for a few days.

So yeah, there was tea and stuff.

Lots of iced tea lately.  We've had this elusive thing called "good weather" around here lately. It's beautiful, and needed after about a month of nothing but rain, but tends to make it a little too hot for hot tea.  Iced tea is the way to go in these cases.

I can't remember what day, but I know I had a pitcher of iced lemon verbena (So good!  Who needs lemonade?) Tropical Pineapple (Not as tasty, in my opinion, as the Lemon, but still very refreshing) and earlier today I had a pot of iced Temple Chai.  These were all at World Tea House.

I also had more Tea+Disaronno a couple nights ago with a friend.  We went with the Buttered Rum (DavidsTea) again, and also tried it with Rooibos Chai (World Tea House).  Friend liked it more with the Buttered Rum, I like it more with the Chai.  Tea + Booze = best combination ever.  Which is why Imma do that for my birthday party.  Now, I actually turn 23 on the 29th, but since that falls in the middle of the week and everyone else is busy holding events/other birthday parties/weddings on other days, I figured I'd just go for the weekend after.  But just after Canada Day.  Trying to do anything on Canada day usually ends up resulting in fail. Lots of fail.  Not as much fail as, say, New Years though.

So, today I started off the day with some Electric Lemon (DavidsTea) just to get going.  I have no idea why but I was sooooo deeead this morning.  Didn't really wake up until I got to work.
The cup of Hot Rod I picked up from World Tea House before I had to start work might have had something to do with that.
For lunch I had the pot of iced vanilla chai I mentioned earlier.  I tried out the liquid sugar syrup that was just put out.  It's pretty concentrated, so use it with caution.  The little bit I added was just enough to take off the bitter edge.  It was lovely. <3  I predict that my friend BAD will abuse that stuff horribly.

After I got back, I made myself a cup of Rooibos Chai to sip while working tonight.  I just finished it.  I could go get some more, since it hasn't been re-steeped yet, but I'm feeling too lazy.

You know I'm feeling lazy when I'm too lazy to get tea.  That's the laziest of lazy.

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