Saturday, June 11, 2011

So tired.


Yesterday's tea was whatever I blogged about yesterday + a pot of sencha mint at lunch.

Went out last night  for a couple things.  One friend was having a birthday get together, so I went to that right after work.  One of her friends had made an awesome cake that was both beautiful and delicious.  I was sooooo excited to give her a present that I picked out months--MONTHS!--ago, but it wasn't in my bag.  (When I finally got home, I saw it on the floor by the door.  It must have fallen out right before I left my apartment.  Good thing it didn't fall out after I left my apartment.)

So, fun was had, and a few drinks were had on the part of the birthday girl.  She's giggly fun when she's tipsy.
The thing was, as fabulous as I was feeling, my body was already in an angry state, and the chicken wings I had after that birthday cake didn't really make tummy very happy either.

After that I went up to the tea house before it closed and, for some reason, got a pot of honeybush.  I should have gotten the ginger mint to tell my tummy to shut up, but I wasn't thinking clearly I suppose.

Then again, if I had been thinking clearly, I wouldn't have gone out for trivia afterward (go team WTH!).  It's not even going out that gets to me, it's the ride home that eats up my time.

Now, that said, I am still glad that I'm actually going out again.  It's been a rather lonely year.  I've had to make new friends and stop relying on D&D night to be my only form of socializing.  I think I'm ready to go have some fun again.  My wallet might not be ready, but I am.

Oh yeah, right now I'm on the last few cold sips of a cup of Vanilla Black.  I'm pretty sure it's the only reason I'm not asleep right now.  I let it steep too long, but I don't care.  I'll take bitter tea over no tea.  Especially right now.

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