Thursday, June 9, 2011

The night doesn't continue unless I have tea

I said something to that effect earlier today.  Because it's true.

I forgot my mug at home again (full of tea, of course) but because I usually leave time to get tea before work on Thursdays, I didn't mind so much today.  I got a cup of iced hot rod.  I think I like it even more iced.  It's almost sweeter.  Plus it's great when the day is kind of hot.  This time when I went in there were a few people I knew already there.

With the Hot Rod in my system, I managed to last until my break.  Surprise, surprise, I went back up to World Tea for a pot of Vanilla Black and a Lemon Roll.  Fuck my plans to diet, I am so not in the mood today. 
During my break I ran into even more people I already knew.  It's now getting to the point where I can count on running into someone I know whenever I go there for tea.  I am now starting to make friends and acquaintances entirely through World Tea House now.  Better than a bar, I suppose.  Tea is cheaper than booze.

Wouldn't that make a great slogan? "Come, drink tea! It's cheaper than booze!"

I am finding that last line far funnier than I think it actually is.  I need a nap.

Oh, and I just finally had a sip of this chocolate vanilla mint latte that I ordered on my way out of my break.  I figured I needed something that was a) large and b) chocolate for two reasons:

I have the rest of my evening shift ahead of me
I have cramps. 

Fuck this, I want chocolate.  It will help me combat cramps that are bad enough to make me want to throw up sometimes.  What the fuck, uterus?  What did I ever do to you?

What makes this all worse is that I don't even have my travel mug that can double up as a hot water bottle, because I was a dumbass and left it at home.  This is one of those times where if I had more energy I would shake a fist off at some imaginary group of kids off in the distance and yell "Curses!!"

Every now and then, I get curly mustache envy.  But only every now and then.

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