Saturday, June 18, 2011

I'm not allowed to do that, am I?

That is, I'm not allowed to call in "I'm tired and would rather go back to sleep/play Robot Unicorn Attack."

I'm pretty sure I'm not.

I'm actually kind of afraid of what would happen if I was sick on the weekend.  If I wasn't able to get a hold of the other front desk person/they weren't able to come in for whatever reason, we'd be kinda screwed.

What does any of this have to do with tea?

It means that I'm waiting for the caffeine to kick in.  Please, pretty please kick in.

I have no idea why, but last night I could not get to sleep.  I was actually fairly tired by the time I made it home, and it wasn't even that late (around midnight, I think) but I just could. not. sleep.  This is distressing for me, not just because of the lack of sleep, but because I pride myself on my ability to take a nap anywhere, any time.

You wouldn't think you can fall asleep on a cement floor/two hardwood chairs/ a music stand, would you?  Trust me, you can.

But here I was last night/this morning, laying in bed, unable to shut my brain off.  Maybe it has to do with my moods lately?  I've been feeling really happy lately.  It's a huge shift from the depression I had this time last year and have been slowly shaking off since then.  Maybe it's because I need to re-set my sleep schedule. Maybe it was just one of those days.

Whatever the reason, I think now that World Tea House actually has Hot Rod up on the wall (and presumably in tins) I'm going to pick some up for home.

Oh, and before I nod off and forget, here's the tea I had yesterday:

-Cup of Vanilla Black to get started.
-Pot of Rooibos Green at World Tea House over lunch. I like it.  I think it tastes more greeny than rooibosy, but it's definitely all there.  Also tried of a sip of it with ginger.  I like it more with ginger, but I think that might be because I like just about everything more with ginger.
-A pot of Rooibos Chai with Licorice Root.  As much as I like licorice, I think it actually needed a little bit less of it.  Still, all together it was a nice blend.  Kinda made me think of baked stuff, but that might have been because it was super sweet and had cinnamon. Nom nom nom nom!
-Pretty sure I had the tea in my mug re-steeped before I went back to work.  It's the sort of thing I would do.
-A Hot Rod Latte.  I'm pretty sure it was with Soy.  I had heard mixed reviews, but I actually really like it.
-An iced chai latte.  I had mine with soy milk instead of skim, and I still really like it. :3 I mostly just wanted to try it because it was iced.  It's really good iced.  I suppose I could have added sugar to it, but I kind of wanted to try it on it's own.  It would be perfect on a hot day.

And this is why I have no money.

Rooibos Licorice while BAD drinks, uh...Something else.  And friend-who-is-working mysteriously looses one of her legs.  We will henceforth call her the Tea Pirate!
Iced Chai Latte. <3

Anyway, that's it for yesterday's tea.  I'm still waiting for the caffeine to kick in.  Anytime now, caffeine.  Anytime.

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