Saturday, May 21, 2011

Boil em' Mash em' Stick em' In a Stew!

I nearly forgot to mention the lovely adventure that was last night's meal with my friend BAD.
Now, before I explain what we did, I need to mention that my ultimate comfort food is corn and mashed potatoes. Mixed together.  I would happily eat just corn and mashed potatoes together for a meal every now and then.  Usually I don't because a)mom cooks and b)I'm pretty sure you can't actually live off of just corn and potatoes.

But mom is away on vacation, and I'm the one in charge of what food goes in my mouth at the moment, so I promised myself that I would treat myself to some corn and mashed potatoes before she came back....

'Cept BAD is vegan, so I couldn't really add all the butter I wanted too, and the only milk I had to add was vanilla almond milk (didn't really feel like having vanilla potatoes.)

So we added Electric Lemon (green tea with ginger and lemon, from DavidsTea) instead.

Step one:  Boil the crap out of potatoes.  Too lazy to peel them first.  Not too lazy to wash them first, luckily.
Step two: cook corn.  I've got a double steamer thing, so potatoes just went in the bottom, corn went up top.
Step three: Remove corn before they get steamed to hell. Keep boiling the crap out of the potatoes.
Step four: Get bored and decide that potatoes are done when you're sick of waiting.
Step five: Hulk Smash potatoes.  Add some olive oil.  Keep Hulk Smashing.
Step six: Add tea. (We made it extra strength).  Hulk Smash.
Step seven: Add corn.  Stir in corn.
Step eight: nom the nommy noms.

They were interesting.  The more you ate, the more you could taste the tea.  There was really just a hint of green tea and lemon.  I wasn't really expecting tea potatoes to taste very good at all.  It was more of a "Hey, want to try this silly thing?" sort of experiment.  Except I actually really liked it.  A lot.  I might have to go to Davids and see if they have any more electric lemon, since it was a seasonal tea and they aren't sending any more to the different stores around town.

Next time:  Tea and rice.  We were thinking of something actually normal, like Jasmine rice, but I think I'd like to try something a little crazier.  I'll post it when I think of something.

Till next time, bon appeTea

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