Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tea Catchup!

There's no new teas to report, I don't think...
I mean, I had tea, but there's no new tea.

In fact, instead of talking about teas I've had, (my usual chai, and Spring Jasmine from world tea house) I'm going to talk about the tea I didn't have yesterday.  Mostly because I kept forgetting my new travel mug.

Oh, what's that?  New you say?  Why yes, new mug.  The last one just couldn't take it any more.  I dropped it once, and it only had a few chips and scratches, but the second time I dropped it, it came apart.  The lining separated from the rest of the mug.

So I got a new one.  This would be travel mug #4.  I'm considering asking if I can get a bulk discount. :/

But yes, I forgot to bring my mug before heading over to meet BAD at World Tea House again, so I just got a London Fog on my way out the door.

And forgot that you can't bring disposable cups on the bus.

I tried to drink as much as I could before the bus came, but it was really, really hot. :(

The bits I did get to taste weren't my favorite though.  Just Us still has the best London Fog, I'm afraid.  Oh, but that Coconut Cream still has to be my favorite latte ever...

Oh, speaking of Lattes, On Tuesday I went out to meet BAD and another friend for sushi, and I decided to get a matcha latte.

Meh.  Once I got past the frothy layer of straight matcha powder, it wasn't that bad, but it just wasn't that great either.  The chai latte I later had later was much better.  Probably made with syrup though.
If only I could remember the name of that place.  I do remember playing tic tac toe though.  Hopefully BAD will comment and refresh my memory. (She did.  It was cafe sospresso plus.  Here's the pic:)

My latte and friends trying their hardest to make sure that their elbows were in my shot.

My matcha latte from b-wells:

Finally, yesterday I went off to my French Class without my mug again.  How am I supposed to learn anything without tea?
Despite this enormous handicap, I still managed to have a good class.  I feel like I'm starting to learn something, which is great.

Now, to go make some tea.  I really, really need tea, like right now. I have to make up for lost tea.


  1. wtf how did I comment as you.

  2. Yeah, how did you comment as me? Oh maybe I stayed logged in from last time I was on your laptop?