Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tired, but still drinking

Still drinking tea anyway.

I have no idea why, but I have been dead tired all day.  I didn't even stay out that late last night.  I was home by midnight.  I am so, so tired.

To try and combat this, I headed over to World Tea House to hang out with BAD again.
I was super happy to find out that they've got licorice root now.  Straight licorice root.  I was so excited I got a pot, even though I really should have gotten something with caffeine.  About half way through the pot I realized that this probably wasn't the best idea, since the strong flavour was kind of kicking my ass.  I love licorice to bits, but this was a bit much even for me.  I added a bit of cinnamon to it, and that was enough for me to happily finish my pot.
Or at least, it would have been if I hadn't been falling asleep.  So before I even finished my tea, I went and got more tea.  I was complaining about needing a pick-me-up when Phil mentioned another new tea:  Hot Rod!
I guess it's a blend of green tea, ginsing, yerba mate, and matcha.  It is certainly a boost, but I don't think a hundred pots would keep me awake right now.
After that BAD went to check out an apartment, and I went to go deliver a cup of ginger mint to my co-worker.  She was really happy to get it.  The blend seems to be a hit with my friends.
After coming back, I was still feeling sleepy, so I had another pot of Hot Rod.  Then we went out and ate far too much food, so I got a cup of ginger mint to help settle my abused tummy.
I'm still finishing that one up now actually.

So, two new teas! Yay!  I'd say today was a success!
Now to head home and go to bed.  Oh, I am so tired....

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