Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Why's the rum gone?

I had lots of tea yesterday, yessiree.
Met with a super cool co-worker for lunch, and we stopped in to World Tea House to grab some tea.  I had a rooibos vanilla (smooth with an extra bit of smooth!) and I think she had the rooibos chai.  I decided to take the day to just poke around town and buy a few things in some of my favorite shops on my day off, so I did just that.
I also happened to run into Kate again, but that wasn't really surprising since she works in the comic book shop that I went to.  So, I wouldn't really count that as part of her invasion.  At least, not yet anyway.
I picked me up a copy of the first book of the Losers.  I've been dying to get it for the longest time anyway, and I love the movie, so why not?  I'm really happy with it.  I would say I like it more than the movie, 'cept the graphic novel version doesn't have Chris Evans pantsless in an elevator. XD

I have a thing.  I especially have a thing for him in various states of undress.

Anyway, eventually after all my shopping and poking around I decided to come back for more tea (pot of rooibos chai) and read my new shiny graphic novel.  I'm pretty sure I only re-steeped it once.  It doesn't really do more than a couple steeps very well.
And while reading, a new employee came into the shop, and started talking about graphic novels with the people sitting at the table beside mine.  And suddenly I was included in the conversation.  And then we talked about fairly geeky things.  It was pretty awesome, since I've seen them there at the tea house before, and it always sounded like they were having interesting conversations.  It was nice to actually talk to them after hanging out in the same tea house for a while.

It was the magic of the Tea House crowd.

Oh, but that's not the end of the tea drinking.  My friend came over and then we started drinking.

No really, we were drinking, and we were drinking tea.  We had some of my DavidsTea Buttered Rum tea, but it was with, ya know, rum.  And Disaronno.
It was epicly delicious.  I may have gotten drunk.  I'm a pretty cuddly drunk. :3

In short, yesterday was awesome.

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