Thursday, May 26, 2011

Schemes and Tea.

Because all good schemes are thought up over tea.

Before I describe my schemes though, I should talk about yesterday.  I manged to forget my tea, BUT, that was kind of made up for by a)actually getting enough sleep the night before b)actually getting a lunch break and getting time to grab some tea c)friends who share tea.

For lunch I went up and got a pot of Vanilla Black at World Tea House.  I felt like something black, but smooth.  This fits both of those requirements beautifully.

On my way out I noticed that the special of the week was a Blueberry Cheesecake latte.  Holy crap, this is delicious.  You don't need to add any sugar to it or anything.  So good! (Not quite as delicious as the coconut cream latte in my opinion, but I am a sucker for coconut.)

Later I decided to meet up with BAD for supper, but we ended up meeting at WTH first, and I finished off the second half of her pot of Russian Caravan.  We went to go have a delicious dinner at E-Pin a Korean, but the setup there is a little different: You grill the food yourself.  It's a cool idea, and I think I'm great a grilling up some chicken. XD  For desert you can choose from some different ice creams, mouses, and a cheesecake.  All of which contained dairy, and thus, couldn't be eaten by BAD.  So she let me have her ice cream instead.

Strawberry ice cream on the left, green tea ice cream on the right. I love ice cream!

I felt like a bit of a pig, but it was delicious.  I had a scoop of strawberry ice cream and a scoop of green tea ice cream.  I liked this one.  It wasn't too sweet and it didn't taste like powder.

Then we wandered back up to WTH, to meet up with our friend again (who had been there before, but was working, and didn't join us for supper) and we shared a pitcher of iced kawai cocktail.  I hadn't tried it iced before, and I just looove it.  It's like juice.

Finally, today before heading into work I felt like something lighter, so I had a cup of white coconut cream instead.  I let it steep for way too long though.  Oh well.

For my lunch break I wandered up and ran into BAD again.  I wasn't actually expecting that, but she practically lives there now, so I don't know why I was surprised.  Another friend of hers was there as well.  We chatted and drank tea.  I decided to try something new, so I had a pot of Kukicha Twig Tea.  I really, really liked this, but I also like earthy flavors.  It was almost dark chocolate, but still, ya know, twiggy.  Not that I eat twigs very often, but it's what I imagine twigs would taste like if I just ate them.  I got my travel mug re-filled on my way out, and now here I am.

All of our teas all together.

But finally, on to the scheming.  Here are the tea-related things that I am planning:

Recording and eventually sharing the insane conversations me and BAD have.  It'll be us bitching with tea.
More cooking with tea.  I want to make a Russian Caravan soup soooo baaaad.

That's all for now.  When I know more about how I'm going to do either of those things, I will, of course, blog it later. XD

That's all for now. 

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