Friday, May 6, 2011

No new teas, but lots of love anyway.

Ok, I haven't been very good with my exploration of new teas lately.
I started off my day (which really only started in the afternoon) with some more of my buttered rum tea from Davidstea.  I like to add some milk to it, but since I'm trying to cut back on so much dairy, it's vanilla almond milk instead.  I really like adding a splash of it to some teas.

For my afternoon break I had some more Hot Rod.  I knew I had a long shift ahead of me, so I figured that something to wake me up was a good idea.  Plus, I just really, really like the taste of the tea.
Oh, I can see this being the beginning of a horrible addictive relationship.

Finally, I got my mug refilled on my way out, and that was my tea yesterday.  Right now I'm still sipping my chai (Tali's Masala Chai, World Tea House).  It is a nice, comforting way to start the morning.  Especially since I didn't get enough sleep and could really use some comfort right now.  In fact, a bed would be pretty comforting right now...

Oh well.  My next day off is Tuesday.  I'll survive not being able to sleep in until then, I think.

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