Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tea, then tea, then more tea, followed by tea.

Every Thursday, I tell myself that I will get to Halifax a little early, grab a cup of tea, and wander down to work so that I'm actually on time.

Well, today, I actually did it.  I never actually manage to get myself out the door in time to do this, but I did today.  Got showered, got makeup, got my tea in my mug (Rooibos Chai, World Tea House), got a cute outfit all picked out, shuffled around like a sleepy turtle, and I still managed to get out the door in time.

Go me!

So, just as I had planned, I wandered up to World Tea House and grabbed a cup of tea (Rooibos Peach), finished that, and then went to work.

For supper I treated myself to the chicken teriyaki from Momoya.  It's cheap, and it's also conveniently between my work and World Tea House.

Once I was there (again) for my break, I had me a pot of white ginger guava.  I haven't felt like trying many new teas lately, but mostly I didn't really feel like having too much caffeine today.  No Hot Rod for me tonight.

I finished my pot quickly and got it re-steeped.  It's not as gingery the second time around, but it's still very light and sweet.  I couldn't quite finish, so I poured the rest in my mug, and went on my way.

I also got to run up and re-steep the tea that was still in the tea basket in the top of my mug.  But silly me, I forgot that I had already re-steeped it once.  It's Rooibos Chai from World Tea House.  You can get two good steeps out of it, but the third is just flavored water.
Oh well.  I'm now just cradling a hot mug of water.  It's still warm, so I might not even get to drink it before I leave for home.

I should really just leave some of my tea behind the desk here... >.>.....<.<.....>.>

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