Saturday, May 21, 2011

This is why I need timers

Because I'm a crazy ADD riddled person who can't remember what I'm doing for more than three seconds at a time in the morning on a good day.
Today wasn't exactly an ideal day either, distraction-wise.  I had a friend stay over the night before, and so I was talking with her and looking at things online a lot more than I should have been.

Given that I had more distractions than usual, I don't know why I thought I could make myself some of my Electric Lemon from Davids Tea while getting ready in the morning.  It's a lovely little blend, it's zingy, and it wakes you up.
Unless you let it steep for too long.  It's gets really, really bitter, really quickly.

Which is why I'm now drinking lemon-ginger flavored sugar water.  It's alright, but I would have preferred just the tea.

Oh well.  And I don't get a break today, so this is the tea that I'll be drinking all day.  I hope it re-steeps well.

This is why I need timers for everything.

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