Saturday, May 14, 2011

Happy Day!

K, so I have some new tea to talk about, like the (surprisingly good) Creamsicle latte I had, or the the Sencha I just had this morning, but more importantly, I have happy news to report:

I have a new mug.

Actually, it's a fixed mug.  Turns out the reason I couldn't pop the cup part of my travel mug back into the lining was because of the seal that (I would assume) keeps any liquid from getting in between the two also kept any of the air between them from escaping.  I could push as hard as I wanted, I just couldn't get it to pop back into place.

All Phil did was take out the seal and pop it back.  He happened to have a "faulty" one that had already popped out, but hadn't been used, so he popped it back in and let me try it out.

The top is able to screw into the bottom just fine, and I haven't had any problem with leaking at all, even though it says specifically that it's not spill proof on the pamphlet that comes with it.

I haz a T agen! YAAAAAAAAY!

Also, today I tried the plain Sencha at World Tea House.  It was exaaactly what I needed today. Something nice and plain comforting, but light and soothing.  This was all of those things.


Despite the clouds, I am in a much better mood today than I was the past few days.  All I needed was a working mug o' tea. :)

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