Monday, May 23, 2011

Masala Chai. It's been a while.

So, Sipped on more Electric Lemon tea yesterday, and got that latte that I talked about yesterday, and life was good.

Except I miss mah chai.

So, this morning to start things off I decided to go with Tali's Masala Chai from World Tea House instead of more Electric Lemon.

Really, I should just bring some tea to work.  It would make things easier than trying to decide what tea I want to drink for the rest of the day while I'm still half asleep.  But for optimal laziness, I'd have to buy another tin or split one of the tins I have up so that I can just leave one at work.

Maybe next time I go up to the shop, I'll get an extra little tin or something.  That won't be today, because they're closed for Victoria Day.  Like everything else.  Except us.  Not that I'm complaining about working, it just makes for a slow day.

Oh well.  Meanwhile, at my other blog of shit I want.  I posted a pic of this lazy tea pot:

Fun, huh? :D

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