Friday, May 20, 2011

This is why I keep going back

Alright, I realize that this blog mostly reads like a World Tea House commercial, but that's only because I a)like the place a lot and b) happen to work so close by.  If I worked in, say, the land of soul-sucking boredom Burnside industrial park, it probably wouldn't have so much WTH news.
Speaking of getting tea elsewhere though, a plan is currently in the works to check out Formosa in Dartmouth.  That'll have to happen sometime after next week though, since from my day starting yesterday up until the 29th, I only have one day off, and they close too early for me to go after work.
Oh well.

So yeah, I talk about World Tea House a lot.  But hey, guess who won The Coast's Best Tea in Halifax?
So maybe I'm on to something here.

Anyway, I wandered up there again for lunch today and decided to try something new.  I tried the Dragon Crisp Gen Mai Cha.  I've had Gen Mai Cha before, just not there.  I was feeling like something greeney anyway.

I also had a cheese tea biscuit, because I was absolutely starving today, and I figured it was a bit better than the cupcake that I really wanted to get.

Now, if I had been thinking I would have gotten the chai biscuit.  I don't think the cheese really went with the green tea, but oh well.  I ate it all, and now I feel full, so I'm happy.

As for the tea itself, it was definitely green, but not as light as other blends, and more earthy.  Just like what I would expect from Gen Mai Cha. :3

Now, there are other little reasons why I keep going back.  I can always have a little chat with whoever is working, (as long as it's not busy) even the new person who's only been there a week and a bit (I think), and everyone always seems to know their stuff about tea without completely overwhelming me with a geography and history lesson about each type of tea.

I think, more than anything, they actually seem to care when I talk about what I do with tea.  I can mention that I've just tried iced chai and disaronno and that it is delicious and get a response of "awesome!" or I can go give my tale of woe over having broken yet another travel mug and not only do I know that the person behind the counter will care, but I might just get tips on how to fix them.

Also, Phil lent me an umbrella that's been there for a while because I got caught in the rain, as long as I a)promised to bring it back and b)picked up some McDonald's cups that some people had left behind on a newspaper stand. Anyone who lends me umbrellas gets extra points in my book.

In short, I'm going to be totally biased, because this is basically my favorite hang out spot ever, plus they've got some good tea.  The best in Halifax, in fact.

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