Thursday, May 12, 2011

Super behind, and super sad

Well, I'm behind.  Again.  Between work, spreadsheets, having days that where everything is going wrong, and cleaning all the things, I haven't had time to blog.
First off, the only new tea I tried from World Tea House was the Breakfast Blend.  I've had the Irish Breakfast before, but not just Breakfast.
I liked it, quite a bit. :D  Perfect to go with something sweet.

Oh right, and I broke another mug.  You know the one I JUST bought to replace the last one I dropped?  Yeah, I dropped it and the inside half popped out of the lining.  I've still kept it because a)I'm broke and b) it kinda still fits.  Except now that I've tried to use it a few more times, I can't actually screw or unscrew it closed, because the inside just keeps spinning.

The thought of another broken mug kinda makes me want to cry.  Maybe instead of asking for the  UtiliTea kettle, I'll just ask for a stockpile of travel mugs instead. :(

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